Stop being smart and listen

Stop being smart and empathize

Stop being smart and let others be smart

Or ignorant

Without needing to correct them

Stop being smarter than the experts

It’s exhausting

Stop being smart and be a human

A grown up human



Among the poll workers

Photo by Crissy Jarvis on Unsplash

Heads down, gloves on, concentrating on one simple task: counting the individual votes that make up a collective decision. The Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretary of the Commonwealth of PA all spoke to their duties of receiving votes, protecting votes, counting votes. Beautiful. Peaceful. Government.

The live-cams showed busy people…



Must wash the muck


In this dingy creek that flows

on the way home.

My father —

Shamed —

Works twice as hard

To cover my inheritance.


Promise, promise him labor

As servant not son

To cover some — just some

Of the damage I’ve done.

Who is…



Hesperus J. Algonquin

Hesperus J. Algonquin

The South Will Write Again Publisher. Aviator. Writer of short stories.